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Safety begines with knowlete. The AOPA Air Safety Foundation is a major resource.

How safe is aviation, what are the statistics. Click here for the Air Safety Foundations latest Nall Report.


Runway incursions are a major safety concern

Runway incursion can be extremely dangerous. It is one of the Special Emphasis on check rides. Here is a description of a typical senario that lead to a runway incursion.


Know your equiment - missunderstanding, or incomplete knowlege can lead to dissaster.

The instrument pictured to the left is the Sperry F3 attitude gyro. It is thought that the missinterpretation of this insturment by an inexperianced pilot was a factor in the crash on Feb 3, 1959 that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper.


Knowledge of the local area and airspace greatly enhances your safety

The Arizona Flight Training Workgroup maintains a web site with a great deal of local safety information. The Phoenix airspace is full of training activity and sites such as Casa Grande, Mesa-Gateway, coolidge, etc are busy with instrument approach training. The AFTW web site contains procedures and tips that improve safety.