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Avidyne vs. Garmin.

Which is better. Like most things its a personal choice. Check out this review for the simularities as well as the differences Garmin - Avidyne.


The KLN94 especially when pair with the King MFD is a very capable navigator.

Like the Garmin, learn how to tune the radios, use the Direct To, and Nearest functions and your good to go (basic VFR). Get started with the basics before you get into the more complex operations. For the full manual click here.

G1000 Getting Started with the G1000

The G1000 has two communication transceivers and two VOR receivers (there are also two GPS receivers, but thier operation is automoatic). The first task is to tune the com and nav radios. Everything you need for this is in the red "T" shaped box shown on the picture to the right. Read more...
KAP140 KAP 140 autopilot

The King KAP 140 is a very capable autopilot. Get the basic Autopilot Users Manual here. To view the full 2 axis Manual on-line click here.
GPS-DME When executing an approach with a DME requirement can you use GPS distance in lieu of a DME

The answer is yes, but there are conditions. The first one is that the facility containing the DME must be accessable from the navigators data base. Read the details here.
King-Stack The SWFC Cessna 172s are equipped with the Bendis/King Silver Crown radio stack

This is a very capable set of navigation and communication equippment. Click here for a brief operational outline.
KLN89 852CP is equipped with the Bendis/King Silver Crown radio stack and the KLN89 GPS

Don't be fooled because this is a older GPS - its a very capable set of navigatiort. Click here for the manual.