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Where does the METAR and ATIS weather data come from at Scottsdale

The picture to the left is the ASOS, located southwest of the end of runway 3. Call it up at 480.483.3049 The ATIS information is derived from the ASOS sensors - the winds are converted from True to Magnetic for the ATIS data.


Payson weather Rock

Here is a less sophisticated by very reliable weather sensor. If the rock is wet, its raining, if it's gone there's a tornado, if it's... you get the idea. Next time you stop in Payson look up this famous rock. Click here to get a list of ASOS and AWOS sites in Arizona and the access data


Thunder storms - the most feared weather in aviation

How are they created and what makes them so violent. Here are a couple of good links to understanding thunderstorms.


Upper Air Soundings - a great tool for understanding the weather

The stability of the local atmosphere is the key parameter affecting everyday weather. Knowlege of the temperature and moisture vertical profile is essential for determining stabiliy and will determine the weather you are about to experiance. You can find upper air soundings at Unysis Weather and PHX vertical sounding links on the left panel of this page. Click here for an explanaition of the SkewT diagram. or here for a step by step discussion on YouTube.


Air frame ice - behind thunderstorms the next most scary weather you will run into

It is essential that you learn about when to expect it and how to avoid it. Here is a good document produces by the Air Safety Foundation on the subject.


NOAAs new graphic access for METAR and TAF data

Go to this link http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/zoa/mwmap3.php?map=usa to see a full US map with METAR location. Just move the mouse over any location and get the latest METAR and if available the TAF.


Want to learn more about the weather check in with the experts

NOAA not only publishes web sites with real time weather but a newsletter with all sorts of insights. Check out this link.

DA Chart

Density Altitude - Flying in the West, especially in Arizona in the summer it is important to know how to determine your Density Altitude as well as its effects on aircraft performance.

Here is a covenient chart you can print and clip out and keep with your flight gear. Also learn how to Calculate it without a chart.