Carrie Wendt - Gets her private license October 2008 - then flies co-pilot delivering a Cessna Caravan from Wichita to Singapore. Follow her track half way around the world on Carrie April 09.kmz

Carrie has joined Susi Air operating in Indonesia.

Julina Julian Fruhling - Gets his commercial - October 2008. Julian is president of the Legacy Bank and flies a very hot Lancair.
John-S John Schmitt - Gets his CFI renewed - August 2008. John is a 30,000 hr ex-United Airlines, Navy pilot and now teaching at SimCom.
MGrana Michael Grana - Gets his CFI - December 2008. Now in aircraft sales, planning on getting his Multi-Instructor next, going to Florida, flying the Keys, and getting Scuba instructor rating.
Gary Gary Graham - Gets his commercial - March 2009. Plans on getting his CFI next. Gary owns a very nice Cessna P210.
Stephanie Stephanie Hoffman - Gets her private license - April, 2009. Stephanie is planning on going into a 4 year degree program in Aviation and hopes to become a professional pilot.
Michael Michael Cofield - Gets his instrument - May 2009. Dr Cofield is a consulting Psychologist to several hospitals and police departments. He and his wife Mary Ann own a DA-40 that they keep at Sky Ranch.

Dennis Bailey – Earned his Private Pilot license in June 2009. He now has both Canadian and USA licenses. Dennis lives in Calgary, Alberta and spends several winter months enjoying the warm Scottsdale weather. He owns several Boston Pizza restaurants in Calgary. Dennis also owns a Cessna 182 Turbo Skylane with a G1000. He is really proud of his airplane and enjoys flying it in Calgary. He plans to fly from Calgary to Scottsdale soon.

Mark Riley

Mark Riley - Gets his Commercial license - June, 2009. Mark is an electrical engineeri with many years of real time embedded instrumentation applications - an engineer after my own heart.

Nick Nick Sieler - Gets his private license - August, 2009. Nick is a former long haul truck driver who aspires to become a professional pilot. He is already making plans to move on to building time and achieving advanced ratings while taking on-line college classes in aviation.
Shelby Shelby Butler - Gets his private license in November 2009. Shelby is following the family tradition and will be flying tankers in the air force.
NICK1 Nick Sieler - Gets his Instrument license - December, 2009. Nick is taking an on-line aviation course and is on track to get get his commercial next.
Calvin Calvin Purdin - Gets his Private Pilot Airplane add-on in March 2010. Cal is a high time military helicopter pilot with both commercial and instrument ratings for helicopters. He is president of National Aviation and is looking forward to a new fixed wing experiance.
Kyle Kyle Nelson- Gets his Flight Instructor Rating in March 2010. Kyle is a recent Embry-Riddle Graduate and is set to move on with his carrer in aviation.
Mark-2 Mark Riley- Gets his Multi-Engine add-on to his commercial license in March 2010. Mark's ready to start looking for a flying job.
John-h John Hallada- Gets his Instrument license in April, 2010. John is an IT professional with Wells Fargo and intends to follow up with commercial and multi this summer.
Kyle Kyle Nelson- Gets his Flight Instructor Instrument add on in August. 2010. Kyle is now actively looking for an aviation job.
TomC Tom Cloyd- Gets his ATP in the Duchess in Sept 2010 and will start flying a 747 freighter
Tony Tony Rouillard - Gets his commercial multi - October 2008. Tony resides in Jersey, in the Channel Islands between the England and France, and flies from Guernsey
Nick-CP Nick Sieler - Gets his commercial Licensei - December 2010. Congratulations Nick!