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Know the minimum instrumentation and equipment required for you aircraft and the flight you are about to make

Refer to FAR 91.205. This is a required piece of your working knowledge for most any check ride you will every take. You must also know what an MEL is and how to use it.


Are you prepared for the check ride.

There are Special Emphasis subjects that very from time to time. Be sure you are up on the current Hot Buttons. Read what other instructors put emphasis on.


The Federal Air Regulations (FAR) are a part of the larger Code of Federal Regularities.

The FAR is found in title 14 of the CFR. There are 50 titles to the CFR, if you want to know what the other 49 titles are check out this link. Title 14 is Aeronautics and Space. Starting with this link you can bore down through the chapters and find any federal regulation, including all the FAR's.


Ever wonder who you are talking to when you call 1-800 WX-BRIEF.

Lockheed Martin provides the routing from the 1-800-WX-BRIEF to the specialist in your area. This is a Lockheed Martin briefer trained and certified in your geographic area. For tips navigating the phone system read this. You can learn more about Flight Service Stations and their services at this link.

The AFSS can be reached in the air as well on 122.2 5000 ft or more above ground, 122.0 for Flight Watch, or on other frequencies shown on VFR charts.