Hello Fellow Pilots. My name is Wayne Pratt. I've been a flight instructor since 1962 and flown a bit of everything from a Ford Tri-motor to an Aerostar 601P, as well as gliders accumulating over 10,000 hrs.

I started off teaching flying as a way to work my way though Engineering School (BSME, BSEE) at the University of Kansas '64, '66 and have been at it off and on ever since. I love teaching what I know about the art and science of aviation.

I'm currently working as a CFII (single. multi engine airplane land, instrument) at Southwest Flight Center at Scottsdale Airport

We fly, and teach in airplanes with King KLN 94 and Garmin 1000 systems - which is great stuff, but when it comes down to the basics first and foremost you have to be a good "stick". That's my teaching priority, the technology is great but it comes second to basic flying skills.
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Watch an interesting landing - do you think this guy could use some dual. Hand proping an airplane can lead to interesting results.

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Find discussions relating to Flying Skills and PTS Requirements and General Knowledge in this section


The rules, charts A/FD, , services, NOTAMS, etc. - you must have a working knowledge of a wide range of subjects


Aerodynamics - no magic, just basic material to increase your aviation knowledge


Just because we live in arizona we don't have to be weather idiots. Learn more about weather here.


The high tech avionics should be your tools of trade and not a distraction from good airmanship


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Arizona is a great place to fly - places and pictures from around the state